The Langton Girls’ CU Update

Hi everyone,

The Langton Girls’ CU has been really fruitful so far this year and we’ve seen God move in such an exciting way! Please thank Him for this and pray that our recent outreach events will bless people and lead to lots of thoughts and questions; that our planned outreach events for next term will have a big impact in our school; that new members of our group will become really knitted in and that we’ll also have some Year 7s join. Thank you so much for having us in your thoughts and prayers!

Things that have happened in CU in 2018:

-We ran a cake sale to raise money for the shoeboxes we collected last year as not all of them had enough money attached. We were able to raise enough to provide 6 children with Samaritan’s Purse’s ‘The Greatest Journey’ – 12 weeks of follow up sessions learning about Jesus and a New Testament in their own language!

-We did a series in our weekly after-school sessions using a book called ‘Cherished’ by Rachel Gardner. We took it in turns to each run a session in a pair, based on one of the chapters. The book focuses on self-esteem, friendships and identity and we grew a lot closer as a group through big chats about these topics! It was also really exciting to see everyone growing in confidence as they ran their own sessions and to be so radically open and raw in our conversations.

-We have had three new people join our group which is so exciting!

-We ran an Easter workshop for year 7s, with Pom Pom, bunting and biscuit decorating stations. Although we had fewer people come than we expected we were able to raise £20 for Tearfund and hope that the people who did come were really blessed by the event.

-We made a basket of small chocolate eggs and wrote an Easter card for our teachers, which we placed in the staff room for the last day of term – just to bless them and share God’s love with them

Things we are planning and working on:

We are planning to continue blessing the school through random acts of kindness this term, showing God’s love and generosity throughout our school. So far we’ve planned two events:

-We’re going to spend our after school sessions next term writing encouraging messages on 1000 post-it notes – and then stick one on every locker at the end of term!

-We’re also planning on putting sweets in the year 11s’ notices trays just before their GCSE exams start

Prayer requests:

-Thank God that our CU has already been so fruitful this year and for all of the wonderful girls who are sharing His love with the people around them every day. Thank Him for our opportunity to meet together and bless our school, the support of teachers, and for recent growth.

Please pray that:

-New people who have recently joined our group will become really knitted in and involved in and excited about what God is doing at Langton Girls

-Our recent outreach events will have blessed the people they were for and will lead to thoughts and questions about why we are doing this

-The ‘Greatest Journey’ course will be hugely impactful in the lives of the six children that our cake sale paid for. Pray that they will come to know God’s love for them and will develop their own relationship with Him

-That our upcoming outreach events would have a really positive impact in our school and lead to lots of conversations

-We would love some Year 7s to join our CU as we don’t have any at the moment! Please pray for this 🙂

Thank you so much for having our school and everything God’s doing there in your thoughts and prayers!

SLGGS Christian Union


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