Weekly Update 06/07

Faces pt1

This week we launched our Mentoring Course for 2018! I am so excited to be running this again and can’t wait to get started. If you or a friend is interested then you can find out more information by clicking here

Over the last few months, I have taken the first hour of my week, to take time to pray and to listen. I’m not always great at the listening bit, I get bored and move on. This week I read a verse from Philippines “every knee will bow” and I took the time to listen. Holy Spirit stirred in my heart the thoughts, feelings and situations I have been listening to this year from the youth people I encounter. He stirred me to pray that those which were not in line with His Kingdom would bow the knee to His name. Taking time to listen reminded me of the very reason I started mentoring; so that hope, love, peace and all the other attribute of Jesus’ Kingdom could advance in young people.

Please pray that we would see God’s Kingdom grow through the work we believe He has called us to.


We had a great time at Whitstable Baptist Church last sunday. I managed to spend a few moments on Whitstable Beach beforehand. I love to take time to listen for God’s prompting when we visit our supporters; so that we would be an encourragement to them too. If you would like us to visit your church or small group then get in touch!

Please pray for our Milk & Cookies groups; there was lots of drama this lunchtime (it’s the heat!) but I’m loving getting to know the group that come and listening to thier dramas! Please also pray for the young people we met in Littlebourne who are moving up to secondary school this year, especially the ones who are going ‘alone’ to a new school.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Lise. We have two back to back transition lessons in Sturry on Monday. She has a hospital appointment Tuesday. Lise would also love to have the capacity to be able to see all the end of school performances that are starting to happen so she can give a proper goodbye to the year 6’s.

untill next friday

God Bless



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