Weekly Update 20/7

Welcome to the last weekly update of the school year!

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It has been one fun packed fortnight! We had an great time at Whistable Baptist Church and went full throttle into a week of Transition lessons, end of term club parties, mentoring and (my personal favourite) watching Joseph at Barton Court Grammar School. All this ended with the rather excellent Hope Funday organised by Christians Together in Canterbury that took place in the Dane John.

I don’t know about you but often I find myself sliding into the last week of term exhausted and feeling like I can only just make it, but God has been teaching me to end well. He gives me the strength I need and is teaching me when to rest. This last week has been super busy but also a place of joy, encouragement and hope. Seeing my mentee give his all in Joseph, watching the smiles all round at the funday, receiving amazing feedback regarding our mentors (from the mentees); all this has made ending this term wonderful (or maybe even wonder-filled).

This week Lise and I finished up our Transition Lesson series in Barham and then I had the privilege to help Mim from SMB lead a transition workshop in Wincheap Primary. The holidays are a great period to rest and recenter for us. Lise has a holiday away in France and Lou is away for a week in Italy. We will hopefully keep you updated via our social media as work still is being done in holidays!

Maybe this week you are feeling a lack of ability to ‘end well’. I pray that God would bless you mightily with strength and power, yet also lead you beside still waters to rest. 




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