Weekly Walks! – no walks this week

Not quite a weekly update, however I thought I’d let you into some of what has been going on already this summer (Lise has been off camping!) First and foremost I have been enjoying the space to spend more time praying, journalling and listening to God before I begin my ‘work’ each day. It has been great to not have to fit it into a scheduled time. I have loved being able to get outside in this beautiful weather to do this! Today I walked 8 miles just listening out for Gods word, meditating on bible verses and enjoying the present moment! God spoke words of encouragement to me and it was a truly lovely morning – I’m sure my legs will ache especially when I slipped on a crack in the dry ground and ripped my trousers! Oh well every adventure has to leave a mark to remind me of the story!

It reminded me that we have four prayer walks that you can download Prayer Walks Canterbury  and keep. Two of the walks are up on our instagram highlights. Weather permitting, I plan to do

Barton Beat: Tuesday 14th August 8.45am start
Grammar Rambling: Wednesday 15th August 9.30am start

Please feel free to join me or join me in September when I will be walking routes in the order they are written, every Thursday at 9am (weather permitting).

I’ve spent a lot of these first two weeks working on our next two projects. Our new mentoring course starts in September. We have currently had 6 people register interest with us but are looking for at least 4 more to get the course going. You can get in touch here if you want to know more.


Also in September is our Annual Celebration Event. This is one of my favourite times of the year for us, and God has been working in my heart for how it will look this year and what I should share with you all. I can’t wait to reveal an exciting new project to you all! I look forward to seeing you there – until next time.



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