Are you part of the 100?

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Last week we hosted our Annual Celebration and announced our new campaign for this academic year. Thank you to all who came along! We are very excited about what we believe God has put in our hearts this season. It is time to grow.

Welcome to the Adventure!

God is one of promises, of encouragement and of immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. Here at CCSWT, we believe that God is asking us, to take His hand and go on an adventure with him that will bring glory throughout the generations.


  • Every Child hearing and knowing that they are uniquely made and loved
  • Teenagers equipped in their emotional health
  • Peace encouraged in every part of school life
  • The local church empowered to be part of everyday school life

What would our communities look like, how could it inspire and transform lives? This is the vision for the adventure God has led us to.


Our adventure is about expansion; sustaining growth to enable more fruit to grow, and more seeds to be planted. Growth in our work, growth in our impact, growth in our finances and most importantly growth of His Kingdom. Growth however requires change.

Expanding Our Primary Reach
Our desire, for many years has been to fund full time hours for primary schools’ work. Imagine, ‘Believe in Yourself’ run in every school building our children’s self-esteem and confidence. Imagine lunch clubs enabling children to grow in faith. Imagine prayer rooms and assemblies in every school, where pupils can hear about Jesus.

It would be easy to just dream, it would be comfortable, but we wouldn’t make a difference!

To see this become reality we need to build teams, raise awareness and raise our finances. Therefore we are asking,

“Are you part of the one hundred?”

This academic year we are looking for 100 people who will pledge to give £10 per month to CCSWT. For me, that’s one coffee less a week to raise my £10 – and you know how much I love my coffee

Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash

One Hundred pledges of £10 per month.

This can be £10 extra from a current supporter or £10 per month from a new supporter and of course if God puts it on your heart to give more, we wouldn’t turn it away!

Another suggestion could be that a group club together to pay £10 a month between them – maybe your small group or prayer team would be interested in being part of the 100 together!

Over a year the one hundred will accrue £12,000. 100 people giving just £10 per month either as an additional or a new monthly donation would mean that we could extend our work and start to see our dreams become reality.


For some creativity we will have four tribes that you can choose to be part of! Money will be centralised but you will be updated with news and prayer in one of the four areas
Believe Boosters: 25 people who commit to Primary School expansion
Glow Givers: 25 people who commit to Secondary School expansion
Assembly Angels: 25 people who commit to Assemblies & Prayer Rooms expansion
Mountain Movers: 25 people who commit to the Trust as a whole growing

Tribes would get regular updates for prayer and receive a small reward on joining


We know however that the campaign itself can’t grow us no matter how fancy or inspiring. Therefore, we don’t focus on the immeasurably more but on the ‘Now to Him’ of the verse. It is only by His grace we will grow. Please pray, we will follow His lead, please pray for growth and please pray for our protection.

Would you join this is bringing this to Jesus? The needs we see for our children and young people, the lack we have in our finances to provide. Would you walk with us in this adventure of asking for his help, so we can help others? Would you stand with us as we look to Jesus, to our Father, to God and ask that whatever happens next will advance his kingdom and reveal his Glory?


Join the 100! For more information please fill in the form below

Promote the 100: Who could you ask to join the 100. We also need people to promote the campaign in their churches and our fundraising events! Share this post on your social media

Come to our Events: In 2019 we are lining up some great events to promote the campaign and our work

Raise Funds: do you have experience in fundraising or have a great idea. Contact us via the above form

Save us Money: we need someone who can sort out our wages. Currently we spend £500py on a company to do it. We could save that money if one of you were able to volunteer to do it (or take it on for less!)

Will you join the adventure?


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