Number One!


Amazing news! We have the first of our #onehundred and they have chosen to be an ASSEMBLY ANGEL! Assembly Angels will receive regular updates of prayer and news regarding our Primary & Secondary assemblies and also our Prayer Days as and when we do them. Read the journey of #theonehundred here and to get involved with it here!


Both Lisé & Lou this week have been a little unwell. Please be praying for their health as they go into the colder months where bugs run wild in schools! For Lou, this has however helped shape some decisions. I have chosen to step away from some commitments that are related to (but not directly part of) CCSWT and have postponed GLOW until 2019 so as to focus on our mentoring course and fundraising campaign. This is all part of the new adventure we are on!

We are busy working with our trainee mentors; a group of 8 who are growing in their skills of mentoring and I am so excited to see them in schools. If you missed out on the course but would be interested in mentoring, we are looking to run the training as often as possible. We are looking for a group of 8-10 so get in touch if you would like to be involved! Its six weeks of training (2 hours a week) and then a 1 hour commitment per week to school.

LITE pt2

Look forward to updating you again next week!



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