Monday Motivation

Happy Monday Everyone!

Well here we are, we have arrived on the first full working week of the year! This term we have some exciting new projects coming up including a LEGO prayer workshop, two Glow courses, a promo film, and a Cream Tea!

Monthly Prayer

On the first Monday of every month, we will be uploading our Prayer focus for the month. For January we are asking you to pray for our Mondays. Starting the week well is important to us as it sets the track for the next few days.

Mondays are Lisé’s day off. This day is important for her rest and recuperation. It energises her for the week ahead. Please pray that on these days she gets the rest she needs to empower her working week

For Lou, Monday mornings are admin based. This is where she is generating new ideas and strategy. This year especially Lou is working on developing CCSWT and seeking out funding opportunities. Please pray for her motivation and for hope and faith as she designs these projects.

Afternoon’s Lou is in Canterbury High School (from 21/01) running Glow.

If you would like to have the powerpoint above to show in church on a Sunday get in touch with

This Weeks Prayer: Secondary school exam fortnight. In Primary Schools Work Lisé on the 8th is in Reculver (Believe & mentoring), 9th Aylesham (mentoring) 11th SIAMS training & St. Peter’s (Believe). We are both looking forward to being at New Life Church in the 13th.


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