Fuelled with Hope

It has been a while since we have updated you on the Secondary Schools’ Christian Union.

Letting Go

About five years ago, we felt that many of the CU’s weren’t functioning with the vision we had for them. It was a tough decision but Lou felt it was right to step back from regularly attending them and instead look to support the leaders in running peer-led groups.

We really believe this is the future for the young people of our towns and cities. We are praying for God to increase their courage and creativity as they commit their days to Him. We do not believe He is asking us to pull back completely but rather it was to step back and see what He would do.

Lou Funnell

Gathering Together

Since that time, many of the churches have looked to employ youth workers and those youth workers began to meet together. From that place, Gather was imagined and over Gather has started to meet. We believe this is of God and part of what He was leading us into.

We are The Hopefuelled

There are two peer-led CU’s that we have contact with: The Archbishops’ School and Simon Langton Girls School. During the summer, Lou felt it on her heart to begin to write to them and that writing became our sister blog The Hopefuelled.

Feel free to share this with any Christian Youth you know, it is written to encourage them.

We continue to be excited about what God is doing in and through our local young people. Please continue praying for them, there is so much more to come!


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