Giants will fall

At the beginning of the week, Lou wrote about being faithful with what God has placed in our hands. With this in mind this week we have:

  • Started the application for an exciting venture
  • Dreamt up a summer project
  • Received 100 keyring
  • Set up a (not so) secret project to relaunch on Tuesday
  • Mentored children and young people
  • Delivered training sessions and self esteem activities
  • Uploaded our second podcast to The Hopefuelled
  • Prayed, emailed, typed and drunk a lot of coffee!

There are some specific giants to be slain and we ask you would join us in prayer for

  • Financial growth of CCSWT
  • Lisè’s pain levels to decrease
  • Mental health in our local school
  • More opportunities to share the gospel

And for now, as we seek Him, we trust that what he has placed in our hands is important; and we look to Him for our next steps


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