Together we can do so much

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much

Helen Keller

This week is shaping up to be packed full with good works ! Lise is in Reculver for Believe in Yourself &Mentoring on Tuesday; then for the same in Aylesham on Wednesday and a Stelling Minis lunchclub on Friday!

Lou is mentoring in BCGS on Tuesday (saying goodbye to her Year 13 mentees), then has a Year 7 Collective Worship” at The Archbishop’s School at 2pm (involving cake!) Wednesday is an office day and Friday she is in Canterbury High signing off the Year 13 mentors to pass their ASDAN course.

If you’d like to see our secondary school collective worship talks then go to to find out more

“My talk for collective worship is on the above quote about how together we can do so much. I’ve reflected on how important this is for us as a Trust. People may think they only give £10 a month “what could that achieve” but together it can do so much. We are so thankful to everyone who prays for, volunteers with and supports the work we do” – Lou Funnell

Together the money could mean we can reach more primary schools, demonstrating the heart of God.


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