Making an Impact

Good morning and happy new week!

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Yesterday at church our worship leader encouraged us by reminding us that we are welcomed into God’s presence, ushered in even. I looked up the word ‘usher’ this morning and it comes from the middle English word for ‘doorkeeper’. Jesus has made the door open to us, to come directly into the Father’s presence. As we go about our day and week, let us be mindful of this. Let this truth fuel and fill our hearts to overflow into words that inspire & transform lives.

One of the ways that CCSWT allows words to overflow from our hearts is through assemblies (or Collective Worship). We have a whole website of talks for teenagers that you can find here.

We are passionate about delivering assemblies that make an impact but currently we are having to say no to primary schools due to lack of funds. Please do consider a regular donation to enable us to say yes. For the price of 1 coffee a week you can ensure that more children & young people hear words than transform lives.

Father, as we enter into this week, may we first be ushered into your presence. May we be filled and strengthen, enabled and equipped through you only. As we work, may we allow your presence into our work. As we speak may we allow Holy Spirit to fill our hearts to overflow with your words. May we look to you for our hope & healing, may this stimulate the words we speak; that out of our mouths would flow the words of life. May I expect you to work through me and bring opportunities to my day, that bring glory to your name.



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