Monday Devotional

Good afternoon,

I am just writing this before I head out of the office to meet with our Sixth-form Peer Mentors and then take week 4 of Glow at Canterbury High.

This morning, I found myself in a familiar place and I’m not referring to the face I was drinking coffee in Starbucks! Where I found myself was in Isaiah 43. A passage that seems to hem me in, through every stage of my life. Yet verse 4, I have often read past, focusing instead on what He is giving. I miss therefore, what has already been given.

Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
    and because I love you,

Isaiah 43:4

I read this verse over and over again, as if stuck on repeat. Then a question formed in my mind: Is the fact I am precious and honoured in His sight, and loved, affecting my ‘since’?

This week as Lise, Katy and I go through our usual and routine activities, would you join us in prayer. Our prayer this week is to walk through the week from a viewpoint of ‘Since He sees me as precious, honoured and loved..’ Not that this would make us prideful but rather we would see each moment, no matter how usual or routine, as precious and a chance for us to show His Glory.

Diary Dates

3rd June – Peer Mentor Safeguarding, Glow Session 4 at Canterbury High

4th June – Mentoring at Barton Court

5th June – Aylesham (Lise & Katy)

6th June – Barham worship

7th June – Stelling Minnis

All week our mentors are in schools

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