Who loves a good Feel-Good-Friday story?

There are times when faith-adventures get hard. Last summer as I walked through woods with my canine companions, Jesus was speaking to me about the next part of our CCSWT adventure. I was on a physical adventure, exploring unfamiliar woods with the dogs; I believed He was speaking to me about a faith-venture. He was building faith in me for our vision, and our conviction that He was asking us to grow as a Trust.

There were points on the walk where I panicked, I thought I’d gone too far in one direction, parts where I worried I’d get lost, times where I was in the thick of it, having followed a particular path. At times I had to consult the map, other times, trusted my steps to lead me, somewhere and to eventually get me to familiar paths home.

Faith is an interesting learning experience. There have been times this week I have doubted. Wondering if we were believing too big, had delusions of grandeur, or that we had simply misheard. Doubt crept round the corner.

Yet doubt taken to our good Father, the one who knows and sees all things, the one who can door more than we can ask and imagine, is in safe hands

A Financial Gift

We would like to thank the two organisations who have gifted us a wonderful financial blessing. Thank you also to the indiviudals who have joined the One Hundred this term.

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