I’ve Got Your Back

Friendship part 2

There were days at school where I was so thankful for my friends. There were times when I really struggled. In my mentoring, I have noticed, nothing has changed. Many of the girls who I worked with this year were struggling in their friendships.

I struggled in my faith throughout my adolescence. I only had a couple of church friends, the majority of my school friends had no belief. It was hard, I was questioning who I was and what I believed about life (as many teens do) and I was desperate to fit it and not be left alone without friends!

There were times I felt very alone, very confused. Yet I can honestly say, in all that, there was a deep truth I couldn’t run from

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother

My sister tells this story about how on meeting her new boyfriend and him asking “Who is your best friend” I said confidently “Jesus”. I was about 9. Yet through it all, He was the one who stuck closer.

If you are struggling with friendships right now then I pray you will know you are never alone because Jesus sticks close to you.

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