Results Day

GCSE results day. The first time it felt like something counted. I made a plan.

I didn’t want to open it around my friends, or my family; yet I knew I needed them or would need them at some point.

It was fear, I didn’t want anyone to see if it was disappointing. As it was, I was pleasantly surprised by my results, and they helped confirm the direction I wanted to go in for the next two years.

Except for one; enter an awkward conversation with an English teacher who couldn’t understand why I would take English Language instead of Literature. If I’d taken Lit. perhaps I’d have ended up in my first choice uni, and perhaps my life would have looked incredibly different, who knows? All I was thinking was that the reading list would bore me and I wanted to actually enjoy my final two years at school. All I know now, is Kent was where my life ended up and where God has continually reminded me of his faithfulness.

My plan also included: an Italian meal, copious amounts of ice cream, sitting on the landing for hours talking to friends and waiting at Boots. for the 1 hour disposable camera development!

To all those receiving results to you – we are praying for you and if you want to find one of us in school when you are back – we are here for you.

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