Day 12th || Friends || May 15th

Day 12: Pray for all the other Churches and Christian organisations that are serving our local schools. Projects such as Love Shouldn’t Hurt, Breathe, Khushi Feet, Gideons, Kidz Klub and many of our local churches all are involved with activities in our local schools. Please pray for their impact. Schools: Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Nonnington Primary

Day 11 || Primary || May 14th Day 11: Pray for the development of our Primary School Strategy. At present Hannah is voluntary employed. Our desire would be to be able to pay a worker to develop our Primary School team and delivery, so that more schools can have great assemblies. In addition we would love to begin supporting spiritual development … Continue reading Day 11 || Primary || May 14th

Day 10 || Leadership || May 13th Day 10: Today pray for our local school Head teachers, Governors, and Senior Management Teams. Pray for them as they lead our local schools. Pray for their health, their decision making and their finances. Please pray especially for those who have faced Ofsted recently, or who are under a time of transition. In particular … Continue reading Day 10 || Leadership || May 13th

Day 7 || Christian Union || May 10th Day 7: Pray for the Christian Unions in our schools; they would be rooted in love. There are Christian groups in The Archbishop’s School, St Edmunds, Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School, Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School and Christian groups run by school staff in The Abbey School and Kent … Continue reading Day 7 || Christian Union || May 10th

Day 6 || Assemblies || May 9th

Day 6: Pray that all schools would have excellent assemblies that inspire and empower pupils, especially those delivered by guest speakers. Our aim in primary schools is to ensure excellent assemblies are given by the church community!  We are so thankful to all the people from various churches who regularly deliver collective worship through assemblies … Continue reading Day 6 || Assemblies || May 9th

Day 4 || Rooted in Truth || May 7th

Day 4: Pray for our Self Esteem workshops which we deliver to secondary schools. Over the last few years CCSWT has created and delivered workshops which aim to raise self-esteem in pupils. The workshops provide a bridge for churches to meet their school community. Through them, we have met and supported many young people who … Continue reading Day 4 || Rooted in Truth || May 7th

Day 3 || Love for Teachers || May 6th Day 3: CCSWT asked some school teachers how we could pray for them this week. They said: · Pray that teachers could make the right curriculum decisions for students based on the pupils needs not passing government figures · Pray also for the many teachers who are off work with stress · Therefore pray … Continue reading Day 3 || Love for Teachers || May 6th