Faith is an interesting learning experience. There have been times this week I have doubted. Yet doubt taken to our good Father, the one who knows and sees all things, the one who can door more than we can ask and imagine, is in safe hands.


Who Are We We are so thankful to Hope Community Church for helping create this video for us. The wonderful Farm Work Play allowed us to film at their location as did The Archbishop's School - thank you so much. Of course we wouldn't have got far without Ross Lusby, Andrew Martin & Elsa Lewis agreeing to … Continue reading Who Are We

Together we can do so much

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so muchHelen Keller This week is shaping up to be packed full with good works ! Lise is in Reculver for Believe in Yourself &Mentoring on Tuesday; then for the same in Aylesham on Wednesday and a Stelling Minis lunchclub on Friday! Lou is mentoring … Continue reading Together we can do so much