Go on…

The Americans are apparently celebrating National Joke Day today, so we thought we'd join in on the fun. We've found these over on ducksters.com. Q: Why did the teacher wear sunglasses? A: Because his class was so bright! Q: Why were the teacher's eyes crossed? A: She couldn't control her pupils! Q: Teacher: Didn't I … Continue reading Go on…

Instagram Woes

Did you know you can find us on social media! Facebook Twitter Instagram Over the next week we are on our break but we have scheduled to content to go out daily! Except of course on instagram where we can't schedule! So make sure you turn on post notifications and you will see us when … Continue reading Instagram Woes

In Your Hands

I read this today whilst praying for CCSWT. I felt God ask me to look at what is in our hands; then upon answering I felt His charge, that we are to hold these things lightly, but also to be faithful with what we are holding. He reminded me that over the years that is what we have sought to do: be faithful with the few


Father as we begin our new year, may we seek to work heartily as for You. May we trust in your promise that you will strengthen and provide for us in every circumstance. May we see the seeds of Your Kingdom grow in hearts this year as we commit or work to You Amen #tuesdayprayers