…and there’s cake!

Three words which will always attract Lisè and my attention! This week we want to call your attention to pray specifically for Langton Girls CU who are running an events week. Today's topic is 'Science vs God and yesterday was 'Did Jesus really rise from the dead?'. We are really excited for them in this … Continue reading …and there’s cake!


Letting Go

This week, it was time to say goodbye to three young people I have been mentoring for a long time. Ending well is so important, I am so proud of how far they have come and am thankful for the privilege that I got to sit in their life stories for a while.

Together we can do so much

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so muchHelen Keller This week is shaping up to be packed full with good works ! Lise is in Reculver for Believe in Yourself &Mentoring on Tuesday; then for the same in Aylesham on Wednesday and a Stelling Minis lunchclub on Friday! Lou is mentoring … Continue reading Together we can do so much

In His Hands

Everything we do and have done stems from Him. Every win, every story, every celebration is all His. We can so easily fall into believing our hope is in our campaigns, our prayers being answered, finances growing or positive feedback. Whilst we ask for those things, they are not where our Hope lies.