…and there’s cake!

Three words which will always attract Lisè and my attention! This week we want to call your attention to pray specifically for Langton Girls CU who are running an events week. Today's topic is 'Science vs God and yesterday was 'Did Jesus really rise from the dead?'. We are really excited for them in this … Continue reading …and there’s cake!


Keep in His Love

Good morning friends, I've just sat down for my first paid coffee of the week! Each Friday I take a moment to review the week and make sure I've tied up any loose ends (or remembered to reply to emails!) I like to take notes of my week to evaluate where I am and this … Continue reading Keep in His Love

Day Postponed :: Evening Still On

In our recent newsletter, we informed you of an event involving  Tough Talk at The Archbishop's School on 30th April. Unfortunately, the group have had to postpone the lunchtime demo, assembly and PSHE lesson that would have taken place during the school day. As soon as we have a new date set we will let you know, but … Continue reading Day Postponed :: Evening Still On