We love to partner with local churches, youth and children’s teams to serve the pupils in our local schools. Find out how you can join in with us! Or click here if you would like to donate to our work.

Every month we are also able to visit churches and talk about the work that we do in schools (this presentation can be anything from 5 minutes to a whole service) and encourage you in your support of us. Please contact us if you would like us to visit your church.

**Because the lockdown means that we are currently unable to visit churches, we have made a short ‘Church Visit’ video that can be used in your Church service. Please contact us on the link above if you’d like a link to the video, or for more info.**

Become part of  the 100 people who choose to give £10 per month to CCSWT.  Maybe your small group or church could club together to pay £10 a month between them!
100 pledges of just £10 per month would mean that we could extend our work and start to see our dreams become reality. Click on ‘donate‘ to find out more
Our trustees are the back bone of CCSWT. If you would like to support us but not on the frontline, maybe you would consider being part of the Trustee team. In particular we are looking for a person who can deal with PAYE which would save us £500
Become a school mentor
We would love to hear from you if you are interested donating some time to helping develop our social media profile or our branding and publicity we would welcome your skills!
Become a Prayer Room volunteer
We would love to meet with Youth leaders and children workers to develop partnerships that inspire and support Christians in schools, develop our teams and in turn benefit your church community.