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Choices – Transition Part 3

How many choices do you make every day? I bet it's more than you think...and do you think about chocolate as much as Katy...probably not! In the 3rd and final transition video on Choices, play a game and hear Katy and Lou explain how we can make the best choices we can... For more information … Continue reading Choices – Transition Part 3

Six2Seven Transition Videos

The current restrictions related to Covid-19 have made it difficult for us to provide transition sessions for Year 6 pupils this year in the ways we usually would. Therefore we have taken our transition themes of Changes, Challenges and Choices and have made them into 3 short videos that can be used at home, in the classroom or in youth … Continue reading Six2Seven Transition Videos

Autumn Prayer Letter

a green sketch of an envelope with a heart sealing it. On the heart is the word prayer

Good News! Our latest prayer newsletter is out! This time it features news from our primary school as well as the young people running their school CU's. On the back page we also have some upcoming dates for your diary - so have a pen or iCal ready! CCSWT Autumn Newsletter 2019Download To order Gospel … Continue reading Autumn Prayer Letter