Canterbury Christian Schools’ Work Trust works with primary and secondary schools. Our work fits into the SMSC framework and is free to schools.

What can we bring to your school?

Our workers create and regularly deliver assemblies in our local schools. Primary School assemblies include a Bible story, reflect, application and whenever possible, a worship song. Secondary School assemblies can cover a variety of topics inspiring teenagers in issues that concern them

CATALYST provides space for pupils to reflect on emotions and behaviour, through self-esteem workshops. Our Primary School confidence course ‘Believe In Yourself’ gets fantastic results! In Secondary Schools Glow boosts emotional literacy and self esteem and gets wonderful feedback. We also train Peer Mentors.

We believe everyone needs a mentor. Therefore we are continually looking to train volunteers as wellbeing mentors to pupils in our local schools. To find out more or apply to be or receive mentors click here . We currently provide mentors in The Archbishop’s School, Barton Court Grammar School
and Canterbury High School 

“I’ve really enjoyed my sessions and feel comfortable talking opening about my feelings and you have helped me a lot – thank you”

Our Creative Prayer & Reflection Rooms provide moments of awe and wonder.  They are great opportunities for pupils to creatively engage with RE and spirituality. The rooms can be a great way to grow pupils knowledge of Christian values and stories and  to learn about reflection, relaxation and well being. You can find our gallery here

“The activity the children enjoyed the most was being able to sit and rest in  the prayer tents, whilst listening to music. In one school, there were several children with visual limitations so this was an activity in which they could fully participate. One child shared with me that she could feel God’s presence with her.”

 Trailblazers is a fun and exciting club where pupils can come and join in with crafts, bible stories and discussion. It is open to any pupil to attend and all opinions are welcome. Lise runs Trailblazers at Stelling Minnis CEP School.

Additional Resources

Our secondary school’s worker supports Christian Youth in schools by providing prayer and financial support. Contact to find out more

Our Workers

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