The Six2Seven Website is home to our resources for children making the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 and their teachers and parents/carers.

The current restrictions related to Covid-19 have made it difficult for us to provide transition sessions for Year 6 pupils this year in the ways we usually would. Therefore we have taken our transition themes of Changes, Challenges and Choices and have made them into 3 short videos that can be used at home, in the classroom or in youth groups, to help facilitate thought and discussion around issues and questions that might arise as children transition to secondary school. These videos will be released 1 a week from 23rd June. See the first two on Changes and Challenges below.

Transition Video 1 Changes

Well we all know that moving from Primary to Secondary school will mean lots of changes, and often Change=Worry. Today our Primary Schools’ Worker, Katy talks with Meg about various changes that will happen, and hopefully alleviates some of those worries.

Transition Video 2 Challenges

In the second of three transition videos, Lou and 4 young helpers talk about how we might feel when faced with a challenge, the types of challenge you might face in the transition to Secondary School and how challenges can shape us for good!