This talk was given at our Annual Celebration on the 24th September 2018. After an update on our current work, Lou began to inform us of our new adventure!

God has continued to encourage me this year to push my roots down into Him, to regularly thank Him for what He has done and to trust him for fruit. This has led to change, to closure and to courage.

In our mentor training and Glow Course I teach about the makeover that is going on in an adolescent brain, we think it starts around 12. In September 2006 God led my heart to this ministry. Now starting my twelfth year, like any preteen, I am feeling that I am not a child anymore and there is much growth to come!

Over this last year; we believe God has spoken to us about our own makeover and it started with one question: do you want CCSWT to maintain or grow?

We believe God has put it in our hearts to grow.

Welcome to the Adventure!

I wrote on a day that started with a rainbow; a reminder that God is one of promises and promise keeping. I wrote this on a day where I took two dogs on an adventure and God spoke to my heart about our next adventure. I wrote this on a day that I opened my Bible verse of the day was Eph 3.20.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

He is a God of promises, of encouragement and of immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine and we believe that He is asking us, to take His hand and go on an adventure with Him that will bring glory throughout the generations.

My adventure that day was in some woods, I was following various paths with my canine friends, but with no plan other than to have an adventure in a lesser known place. As I walked, I felt God speak to me about this new CCSWT adventure. I believe He is asking us to follow some paths into and through the ‘wood’.

Yet it won’t be dark and gloomy, instead we will be together exploring joyfully taking pictures of light shining through the leaves, trying out different paths, keeping check of the map.

We will be having an adventure, safe in the knowledge He will lead us to our destination – which in my case were familiar paths home.

The Trust’s adventure of course, is not walking through woodland with two dogs in hand!

Our Adventure is about Expansion.

Growth in our work, growth in our impact, growth in our finances and most importantly expansion of His Kingdom. We believe God has spoken to us and we are imagining what He may do. We have come this far by His grace of which we are beyond thankful for and we continue to remind ourselves, it his by Him alone we still walk forward.

Growth Requires Change

To structure this change, my working week now takes place twice a week in an open office space with one day dedicated to this adventure. Similarly to my canine adventure, as I grow into this new role, I will surely end up following a couple of paths to nowhere. In the same way as I walked that day, it won’t be failure but all part of the adventure. I will be growing and learning.


As I walked Jesus reminded my heart that we are His and He has made us to be fruitful. We are partnering with God trusting His eternal plan for the church, the people of God to extend His kingdom on this earth.

Our Question is: Will you join us on the adventure?

This is the One Hundred

The vision of our adventure is for

  • Every Child hearing and knowing that they are uniquely made and loved
    and to
  • Equip Teenagers in their emotional health
  • Encourage Peace in every part of school
  • Empower the local church to be part of everyday school life

All through a Christian Presence being in every school.

Our desire, for many years has been to fund full time hours for primary schools’ work. Imagine, the believe course run in every school, lunch clubs enabling children to grow in faith, prayer rooms and assemblies in every school so children can hear about Jesus.

It would be easy to just dream, it would be comfortable, but we wouldn’t make a difference!

To see this become reality, we would need finances. This is why over the next year, we will be asking “Are you part of the one hundred?” 100 people giving just £10pm either as an addition or as a new monthly donation would mean that we could extend our work and see our dreams become reality.

When you join the 100 get to choose to be in one of 4 tribes! All the money will be centralised, but each tribe gets its own emblem, prayer updates and souvenir!

Our four tribes are

  • Assembly Angels (focus on assemblies and Primary Schools)
  • Believe Booster (focus on on our confidence course)
  • Glow Givers (focus on Glow Course and Secondary Schools)
  • Mountain Movers (Focus on CUs, The Trust plans and big projects)


Will you join us in promoting this campaign?

Over the next year we are creating a short video about the work we do and hosting some events and we’d love to invite you and you invite others along to them. Who could you bring?

Who could you ask to join the 100?

We know however that the campaign itself can’t grow us no matter how fancy or inspiring. Therefore, we don’t focus on the ‘immeasurably more’ but on the ‘Now to Him’ of the verse. It is only by His grace we will grow.

Please pray, we will follow His lead, please pray for growth and please pray for our protection. Please pray for us to stay focused on Jesus as we seek to see this dream become reality.


I wrote this on the day that I read ‘Before I am’ by Max Lucado. In it he talks about Mary at the wedding in Cana, how she never tells Jesus what to do but rather just tells Him the issue. Would you join us is bringing this to Jesus? The needs we see for our children and young people, the lack we have in our finances to provide. Would you walk with us in this adventure of asking for His help, so we can help others? Would you stand with us as we look to Jesus, to our Father, to God and ask that whatever happens next will advance His kingdom and reveal His Glory?

I want to be part of The One Hundred