Essential Work

This week we have been supporting Children’s Mental Health Week. We believe that it is essential for Children and Young People to be equipped in their mental health! Our vision is to empower the local church to be part of this.

But we need your help!

At present, due only to lack of funds, we are having to say no to schools that are approaching us for this vital work!

A simple £10pm could lead to us saying yes and support even more of our local children!

We’ve had a great week planning our Cream Tea Fundraiser but now we need you to buy tickets (otherwise we’ll be eating scones for the rest of the year. The good people at Rodda’s have even supplied us with their clotted cream.

If you are free next Saturday 16th, please come along. Tickets are free, please bring a donation with you on the day!  more details are here

Friday Prayer

This Sunday we are at St John the Baptist, Barham. We’d love to meet you if you are in the area. Please also be praying for Lise, she is in schools but struggling with a virus.

Thank you

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